My business has been on the DASI accounting system since the late 1980’s. The software has very much evolved from those early years, many of the improvements made to reflect the wide variety of changing needs in our industry. The DASI team have always been responsive to our needs. The software is very stable and reliable, but when needed the service is both professional and courteous, even when the issue has turned out to be unrelated to their software. In a world of consolidations and mega-mergers, it is refreshing to be able to get the personal attention instead of a call center half a world away.

Jeff Goins

President, Quarry Systems

I have worked with DASI software for over 15 years and can say without a doubt the program is easy to use. We have needed the software to handle 16 different construction and development companies with 9 still in existence today and it has handled the work load flawlessly. The updates to the software are easy to install and whenever we have needed assistance the DASI team has been prompt to help. Thank you DASI!

Paul Bowers, CPA

Vice President Chief Financial Officer, Robinshore Inc.

I have been using DASI software for over 20 years. From the earliest years of our business, DASI software was able to meet my needs. DASI has been there to quickly answer any question and to provide both telephone and on-site support.

Carole Ballough

MGB Construction, Inc.

Because of past history with DASI, when working for another company I recommended DASI to my new employer. That was 6 years ago and at this time we are still working with DASI software. It has been very reliable and easy to use. We started out on the DOS application, and when Windows became available we switched over. The help desk was very cooperative with our 3rd party payroll provider and together they worked out a method for me to directly download our payroll, post to our job costing program and then post directly into our general ledger -- no small task since we have 700+ employees and manually entering that journal entry was not something I wanted to do. Along with all its good features the price is very reasonable too.

Diana Pike

Accounting Manager, Resource Plus

Stan Weaver & Company signed on with DASI in 1990 and have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship ever since. The software program is extremely user friendly. I can not say enough abouth the support DASI provides. Being a technically-challenged person, I often panic when something goes wrong. When I call DASI with a problem, they either answer the phone ready to help or call back in less than an hour. Their response time has always amazed me!

Debi Clark

Stan Weaver & Company

My company has been using DASI software since 1980. It is and has been the best Construction software available for us to track Job Costing, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. The Job Costing has given me the ability to see my actual costs as compared to the estimated costs, real time, in infinite categories. The Payroll, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger are complete for management to monitor the company results and are in the necessary detail so the accountants can do auditing and feel safe in making their reports.

The management of DASI has always responded to my needs and their integrity is unquestionable. I would highly recommend DASI for anyone in the construction industry who wants a completely integrated construction accounting package.

Pete Austen

Owner, Austen Companies